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I can count with my fingers
The amount if times I’ve been homesick.
I find it’s one of the most unpleasant feelings in the world.
The gut twisting,
Bile rising
Wrongness in your chest.
Makes you feel like you don’t belong here
This isn’t where you’re supposed to be.
It claws at your insides,
Makes you feel like you want nothing more than to be in your bed.
But my bed isn’t the desirable place anymore.

That feeling only strikes me when he’s far for a long time.
And the desirable place is his arms.
I now know the worst kind of homesickness,
The kind where with him is where you’re supposed to be.
And inhaling the leftover scent of him from his shirt,
Doesn’t smell nearly as good as it would,
If it were inhaled directly from his neck.
Where hugging the plush toy he gave you
Is a joke compared to wrapping your arms around him.
Where looking at all the photos you have of him,
Printed and hung on your wall,
Isn’t quite like seeing his beauty in person.

If he is my home,
I must be his.
So please,
Come home.

– (via fuck-ew-its-me)


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I love this boy

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